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Frequently Asked Questions

Foshan lixin steel material co.,ltd is one of the earliest steel building supplier at Guangdong province China, professional in design and produce steel workshop,steel warehouse, high rise steel building, large span space truss structure,prefab house, steel villa,container house and different kind of building materials for more than 19 years. 
With a focus on customer service, favourable price, and high quality products,  We are well-appreciated by customers at home and abroad. We believe that product with no quality guarantee is a biggest cheat to customers and win the trust from customers is our everlasting pursue target.
We are dedicated to providing the best solution about design, produce, install and guide installation of industrial buildings, space truss,profiled steel sheet, steel structure office material and so on and win clients' goodwill and reputation by keeping its unique service.
For further information&question please do not hesitate tocontact us, we sincerely hope you can shop with confidence. 
We wonder the you may be interested in the following questions:
1. How to get accuracy quotation?

Please tell us below basis but important information for offering price:

(1)How is the weather and what’s the wind speed of destination?
     With the information we can select the suitable strength material for the construction.
     Special in heavy snow or strong wind area.

(2)What’s the size of the project? How many floors?
     We need detailed length+wide+high size. Then we can calculate the cost of the material.

(3)What’s the material of the wall and roof?
     We suggest to use steel sheet or sandwich panel as normal.
     And insulation of the sandwich panel can be: EPS, glass wool, rock wool, PU etc.

(4)What’s the size of the door and windows?
     We need to know the detailed size so that we can calculate the cost of the material.
     If you have special request of the material please don’t hesitate to let me know.

(5)What’s special requirement?
     Earthquake, Tornado, heavy snowfall area need to inform us.
     The more detailed description the clear price we can offer. 

2. What we can do for you?

Welcome to provide us your drawing of the project, we will offer the price and produce as your drawings; or you can tell us as detailed as possible what you want, so that we can offer different option or design for you.

All accessories that you want to purchase from China, we can provide you suggestion. 

3. How to install after the goods arrival destination?

We will provide detailed illustration to you. If it’s necessary, we will send technicians to help you.

However, all the expense such as visa, air ticket, accommodation, wages will be covered by buyers.