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steel structure shed

Steel structure shed  widely used in our daily life. Lixin has more than 19 years steel production experience in designing  and producing steel structure shed, high rise steel. Feel free to contact us for further information about Steel structure shed .


    Find environmental friendly steel structure shed in china. Dry coal shed normally require large clear span for storage the coal, so space truss structure can match this requirement. For this kind of large  steel structure shed span building, space truss  structure can save many tonnage of steel and steel structure truss can build up the shed of arc shape much more easier than normal portal steel structure.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT SIMPLE  steel structure shed design

    LIGHT WEIGHT SIMPLE steel structure shed designMore >

    For such steel structure shed building with simple design construction, its roof and Wall Panel are made of Steel Sheet, Sandwich Panel or composite cement board.  Steel structure shed is widely applied in the fields of Steel Workshop,steel warehouse, steel structure platform. for details about  steel structure shed please visit our websit:

  •  INDUSTRIAL BUILDING steel structure shed

    INDUSTRIAL BUILDING steel structure shedMore >

    We offer every sort of industrial buildings steel structure shed, Steel space truss is widely used for fast install metal buildings,and we provide you quality industrial metal  steel structure shed for your business. The main materials of  steel structure shed are round tube, steel ball, bolt, base support and so on.